In an effort to strengthen community involvement in the educational process of Twin Cities’ youth, a group of concerned citizens is convening a series of events that will celebrate the contributions of community educators, encourage dialogue that recognizes the vital connection between formal, school-based instruction and community-based education; and catalyze the development of action steps focused on strengthening connections among stakeholders with an end goal of preparing Minnesota’s youth to become responsible, civic-minded, thriving adults.

The events will feature experienced educator, life coach and speaker, Dr. Patricia Moore Harbour, the author of Community Educators: A Resource for Educating and Developing Our Youth. The book challenges educators and other stakeholders to expand their view of education beyond institutional, classroom-based instruction to a perspective that embraces a range of educational, social and civic opportunities within the broader community and encourages the incorporation of authentic democracy in the educational process.

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  • On Friday, October 25 – The group will convene a select group of community partners, such as advocates, parents, policymakers, community-based organizations, and out-of-school-time programs, to examine best practices focused on community education strategies.  Dr. Harbour will present research outlined in her book, which will serve as the basis for the conversation.  Later that evening, Youthprise will host a Youth Researchers Conversation that will offer an opportunity for youth to provide their perspectives. Youth researchers from NdCAD and Youthprise will participate in a dinner conversation, where they will share their research finding and viewpoint on community education, cultural identity and a range of other community issues impacting children, youth and families.

 The Friday events are invitation only.Screen shot

  • On Saturday, October 26th – The group will hold a community-wide forum that will include parents, teachers, administrators, youthworkers, community- and faith-based organizations, and members of the community at large to hear what research says about community education and to mobilize the community to action.  This event will include “table talks,” during which participants will engage in a small group exercise to discuss what can be done locally to strengthen connections between schools and community educators.

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  • On Sunday October 27th – An ecumenical group of faith leaders who are actively engaged in working with youth and families will come together to discuss how they can take action to support community education efforts by involving their congregations and promoting action within their respective faith communities.

To register please visit https://everybodysinfaith.eventbrite.com

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