Mission, vision and strategic investments.

Our Mission

The mission of Youthprise is to champion learning beyond the classroom so that all Minnesota youth thrive.

Youthprise was founded by the McKnight Foundation to increase the quality, accessibility, sustainability and innovation of opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. In partnership with other funders, with youth, and with key stakeholders, Youthprise will accelerate leadership and innovation beyond the classroom.

Our Vision

Minnesota will lead the nation in accelerating leadership and innovation beyond the classroom, ensuring that:

  • Every young person is included and engaged.
  • Every family has access.
  • Every program has support to ensure quality and impact.
  • Every community has a clear plan—for youth and with youth.

What we will do

  • Expand access to quality learning experiences
  • Advance integrated community-based systems
  • Leverage and grow resources to close the opportunity gap

How we will do it

  • Mobilize the power of youth to enliven, expand and transform systems and programs
  • Ignite public insistence on engaging, accessible, quality learning opportunities for all young people
  • Bring together resources and people to identify and scale great programs and strengthen systems and policy

Youthprise Strategic Investments

In 2012, Youthprise will strategically invest time, talent and resources to unlock the potential of our community’s youth, including:

  • Partnering with organizations to expand opportunities for Minnesota youth to lead in policymaking, grantmaking and program design
  • Convening intergenerational forums, conducting outreach, and partnering with grassroots community leaders to address strategic opportunities in the field
  • Providing grants for general operating support to organizations that expand access to high quality opportunities for learning beyond the classroom for middle and high school-aged youth (open RFP)
  • Providing grants to community-based networks to develop comprehensive learning systems that expand program participation, promote program quality, increase youth civic engagement, and advance or develop reliable information systems (by invitation)
  • Commissioning research to develop measures of non-academic indicators for learning beyond the classroom
  • Collaborating on funding and innovative projects with national, state, and local funding partners
  • Assisting municipalities, tribes and youth providers to develop community action plans for and with youth
  • Coordinating Minnesota’s Statewide Afterschool Alliance and advocating with state and local policy makers to develop champions for learning beyond the classroom, building on the work of Youth Community Connections

Welcome Letter from Wokie Weah, Youthprise President



Our Investors